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Eliminate Chronic, Debilitating Pain harnessing the Power of Your Own Mind Utilizing Hypnosis

Downloadable Hypnosis Pain Relief CDs

  Program your mind for Freedom of Chronic and Debilitating Pain




Pain is a powerful message from the body, that there is something wrong. Many times, that
message becomes all too-consuming. Harnessing the same power of your subconscious
mind, utilizing Hypnosis, thousands of satisfied clients have found they Can simply Relax their
body More Completely and Train their mind to Block or ignore, chronic Pain Signals in Your Body

If you are tired of living with chronic pain, there IS a solution for you.Silva Mind Mechanic Pain Control downloads
comes from a unique pedigree. The Silva Method of Self Mind Control has been an extablished and well known
training program with over 14 million graduates and is taught in 72 countries and territories.

The formulations of the Pain Control Series of Hypnosis Prescriptions has been time proven,
in the seminar room and by thousands of graduates of the course in their home.

Our 6 downloadable -CD audio hypnosis program (The Mind Mechanic Silva Pain Control Solution) is one of the most comprehensive mental toolkits available for reprogramming your brain for pain management and managing chronic pain at a tolerable level.

Jose Silva in the 1950s, experimented with the Hypnosis Pain Control Techniques
formulated by legendary hypnotic pioneers such as Dr. James Esdaille, who working
in India in the 1950, using crude hypnotic languaging patterns, was able to succesfully
perform thousands of operations, from amputations to removing boils, pain-free
as chemical anesthesia was not discovered at the time. Back then, 3-5 strong
assistants would hold you down, while they gruesomely took off your limbs.


Pain Is a Message From the Body .. Something is wrong !!!

If you've been in the sun too long, have touched a sharp object that can shear the skin, are wearing something abrasive or your body has been invaded by toxic substances or food.

Pain is a warning signal that your body MIGHT have been injured.

But Pain Can Become Chronic and Intolerable.

And the pain builds, to where it causes tension in other parts of the body .....

The beta tester pain control cd program I was a part of, caused me a great deal of relief. I'm not 100 percent free of pain, but now I can sleep at night, and that is a God Send.

-- Amy Passarelli - S.I. NY

If you have . . .

  • constant migrane headaches
  • arthritic pains
  • lower back pain
  • severe joint pain
  • IBS -irritable bowel syndrome
  • or any other debilitating pain that takes away your freedom.
    You know how simple, daily activities now become sometimes so
    burdensome, you constantly require the help of others


Science is finding, A good deal of pain is Emotionally-based.

I listen to a different recording every night. I have my Ipod hooked up to my speakers
next to my bed. I play the recordings on a low level, not to disturb my wife. I can't tell for sure, but
others around me say I'm less grumpy, more fun to be around. And I guess it is working as I
don't notice the pain or let it impede my daily activities.

— Mark Sentinel - Ohio



The Medical Profession, is now aware because of biofeedback studies, hypnosis and guided relaxation techniques of the importance relaxed focused concentration and how powerful it is s against pain.